Can You Use Pledge On Real, Faux & Suede Leather? Useful Tips

pledge on leather

Pledge claims that its products can clean leather couches and leather products, is it true, or can Pledge damage your leather? We’re here to guide you on whether you can or cannot use Pledge on your leather items and furniture. Pledge on real leather Pledge is great for all sorts of household cleaning situations, but …

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Do Fleas Like Leather Furniture? | How To Get Rid Them Easily

labrador puppy on leather couch

Couches and sofas are the most common area where you can find fleas because it’s where we all go to relax, meet guests, and chill with our pets like dogs or cats. This exposes your beloved leather furniture to flea infestations that cause skin irritations and other health problems to everyone in your home. In …

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What is Leathaire & How to Clean – All That You Need Know


Air leather is a new advancement in faux leather technology. If you’re looking to buy furniture and happen to hear about air leather, you’re at the right place to know all about it. In this article, we’re going to look at what air leather is, how long it will last, whether it is better than …

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