Can You Use Clorox Wipes on Real & Faux Leather? Best Alternative

CLOROX disinfecting wipes product on display shelf.

Clorox Wipes are very versatile and convenient cleaning wipes. They do a great job at disinfecting all sorts of surfaces and materials. You might want to caution against using it on delicate materials, however. In this guide, you’ll learn about Clorox Wipes and how to use them properly on your leather items. What are Clorox …

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Get Wrinkles Out of Faux Leather – Top 3 Ways You Need to Know

Two Seater Faux Leather Sofa Brown Armrests

Faux leather can get quite wrinkly if it gets used often. This happens most to faux leather items that experience a lot of movement. We’re talking about faux leather jackets, car seats, couches, shoes, or bags. You’ve come to the right place if you want to straighten your faux leather items out. Can you iron …

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What is Saffiano Leather | How to Properly Clean & Care

saffiano leather swatch book with various different colors

Saffiano leather is very popular in many luxury products. It ranges from bags, wallets, belts, and even watch straps. In this article, you will learn all about what Saffiano leather is, how it is made, and how you can take care of it. A short history of Saffiano leather Before the qualities of Saffiano became …

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5 Best Ways to Remove Super Glue from Real, Faux Leather & Suede

super glue

If you accidentally spill super glue on any leather surface, don’t fret. You have many options to choose from on how to remove super glue from leather, and if you don’t want to hire a professional cleaner, you can always Do-It-Yourself. Although there is a risk of permanently damaging the leather, the methods we will …

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5 Easy Way to Remove Chewing Gum from Leather Step By Step

remove gum from leather car seat with brush

Gum is incredibly annoying to have on anything, even worse on your beloved leather goods or leather car seats! Don’t try to remove it as quickly as you can by picking on it and potentially scratching the leather or peeling off the faux leather. Read on and find out a few ways you can remove …

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Can Bed Bugs Live on Leather? 4 Top Ways How to Get Rid of Them

bed bug on leather couch

Bed bugs are pesky pests that can become a huge problem if not mitigated immediately. Once they start infesting your leather furniture like sofas or couches, you will definitely feel them crawl on your skin which can cause itchiness or skin allergies. This article will teach you effective methods on how to get rid of …

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7 Powerful Methods on How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Leather

get smoke smell off leather

If you’re a smoker or love barbecues, chances are your leather goods probably smell of smoke. Smoke can attach itself to many things like fabric and many other porous materials. If you’re having visitors over or are going to a party, you wouldn’t want your leather couch or leather jacket smelling like smoke. Here’s how …

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How to Easily Remove Wet & Dried Acrylic Paint from Leather

remove acrylic paint off leather shoes

Acrylic is a great painting medium, it’s a relatively safe medium to work with, and it works on various types of materials and surfaces. Unfortunately, it also works on leather. Whether you or your child has accidentally spilled some on your couch or you changed your mind about your artwork, removing the paint is probably …

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How to Distress Leather & Give it Vintage Look – 4 Proven Tips

Distressed brown leather

One of the best things about leather is that it is a product that lives as you do. It conforms to your lifestyle, your mannerisms, your body, where you place and store it, and more. This may take months or even years to manifest, but there are ways to speed up this process artificially. Here …

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