How to Clean & Care for Italian Leather Sofa, Bag or Shoes

massive living room with bay window and luxury italian leather sofas

Italian leather is usually high-quality grain leather that is vegetable-tanned and made in Italy. While all sorts of leather can be made in Italy, including low-quality ones, the name Italian leather is usually reserved for the best quality leather that deserves the designation. If you have Italian leather furniture, bag, or shoes, you must have …

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11 Best Suede & Nubuck Protectors for Jackets 2023 Reviews

Suede and nubuck are luxurious materials that need to be cared for properly as their luxurious look can be ruined quite easily when liquids end up touching them. Here are the best suede and nubuck protectors and how you can use them to make your suede and nubuck last longer. Best protectors for suede & …

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15 Best Leather Cleaners & Conditioners for Jackets 2023

So you’ve recently acquired a precious leather jacket and you want to know how you can take care of it properly. In order to make it last longer and in a pristine condition, you should invest in quality leather cleaners and conditioners. However, it can be overwhelming to choose from many options that you see …

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Does Hot Glue Gun Work on Leather? How to Use | Best Alternative

Young handsome shoemaker holding hot glue gun

Using a hot glue gun on many arts and crafts projects is okay as long as you’re being careful. However, it’s a different story when it comes to leather as you have to consider if it will work and if it won’t damage the leather material. In this article, we’ll be talking about using a …

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10 Best Leather Wipes for Car, Furniture, Jacket or Bag 2023

Real leather is expensive, and it gets dirty fast. Cleaning leather can be a chore, but not anymore! We’ll share with you our top picks for the best leather wipes on the market for easy cleaning and conditioning. Our Top 3 Leather Wipes Picks What are leather wipes? Leather wipes are made up of either …

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How to Get Hand Sanitizer Stains Out of Leather Easily

hand disinfectant sanitizer dispenser

Hand sanitizers and sanitizing, in general, have become much more commonplace after the pandemic. We want to keep our health safe, which will involve ensuring that your hands are clean as they touch everything. However, it might become very common to spill or drop some hand sanitizer on your leather purse, jacket or shoes accidentally …

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Does Leather Conduct Electricity | Best Gloves for Electrical Work

Yellow electrical tester and safety leather gloves

Leather gloves are great thermal insulators. They allow us to feel comfortable during cold weather while being able to absorb sweat and are also suitable for warm weather. However, thermal insulation is not the same as electrical insulation. In this article, we will discuss the science of leather’s conductivity and what gloves we would recommend …

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9 Powerful Ways on How To Make Patent Leather Matte at Home

Black oxford patent leather shoes

Patent leather is common in the market nowadays and you will see them on items such as leather shoes, leather bags, and even leather furniture. Having a glossy and shiny finish on any leather is not a bad thing but you might be growing tired of it and you want a more matte finish now. …

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Can You Use Disinfectant Wipes Like Lysol on Real & Faux Leather?

A person holding Lysol Disinfecting Wipes - Lemon and Lime

Disinfectant wipes are usually quite harsh on the leather. In most cases, you really shouldn’t use disinfecting products on leather so haphazardly as these products are mostly used for hard, non-porous surfaces like kitchen countertops. In this article, we will discuss whether you are able to use Lysol wipes on leather and how to use …

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