3 Best Ways to Clean Mold Off Leather Jacket & How to Protect

moldy black leather jacket

If you haven’t used your leather jacket in a while, and you’ve left it in or near a moist area, chances are, mold will start to form. Don’t throw your jacket away though. As disgusting as mold and fungus are, it’s not the end of the world for leather jackets. Here are some of the …

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How to Get Smell Out of Leather Jacket – 5 Simple Ways

beautiful girl with black leather jacket standing pinching her nose and stoping bad smell.

It’s not always easy to get the smell of leather out of a leather jacket, especially if you’ve had it for a while. The smell can be caused by using products that aren’t meant for leather or by storing your jacket in an area where other items have their own smell. However, if you follow …

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Are Leather Jackets Warm? Can You Wear Them in Winter?

female wearing stylish leather jacket in winter park

As great leather jackets are, some might not be suitable for winter or very cold weather. Leather jackets are naturally warm pieces of clothing as they are made of thicker and sturdier material than fabric, but a leather jacket for winter may need some other features. Learn everything you need to know about how to …

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How to Fix Faux Leather Jacket Peeling – 3 Top Methods

young business man wearing peeling black leather jacket

Many people who are just beginning to get into leather products or can’t commit to buying an expensive leather jacket often opt for cheaper alternatives. Faux leather and poor quality leather like genuine or bonded leather that have a fake coating on them will crack and peel over time. This can be very unsightly and …

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How to Safely Wash Leather Jacket in Washing Machine

leather in washing machine

The washing machine isn’t made for clothes like leather jackets. Conversely, leather jackets aren’t made for washing machines either. Practically no leather item is. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for you to use a washing machine to wash your leather jacket. In our other article, we discussed how you can wash and clean a …

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Can You Get a Leather Jacket Dry Cleaned?

dry cleaning leather jacket

Dry cleaning done by professionals who are experienced in working with leather is the safest way to get your genuine leather jacket cleaned. However, the standard dry cleaning process used on other types of clothing may not be suitable for leather. Before you go to the dry cleaners, here’s everything you need to know about …

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How to Clean Leather Jacket Lining at Home & What to Avoid

young woman in leather jacket and hat shows lining

Just like any piece of clothing, leather jackets need to be cleaned as well. Especially the lining, which is the closest to your skin and absorbs your sweat, oils, and odors. Looking good in a leather jacket is great, but it can really take away from the whole outfit if it doesn’t smell right. It …

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How to Distress Leather & Give it Vintage Look – 4 Proven Tips

Distressed brown leather

One of the best things about leather is that it is a product that lives as you do. It conforms to your lifestyle, your mannerisms, your body, where you place and store it, and more. This may take months or even years to manifest, but there are ways to speed up this process artificially. Here …

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