How to Safely Wash Leather Jacket in Washing Machine

The washing machine isn’t made for clothes like leather jackets. Conversely, leather jackets aren’t made for washing machines either. Practically no leather item is. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for you to use a washing machine to wash your leather jacket. In our other article, we discussed how you can wash and clean a … Read more

Can You Get a Leather Jacket Dry Cleaned?

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How to Clean Leather Jacket Lining at Home & What to Avoid

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How to Distress Leather & Give it Vintage Look – 4 Proven Tips

One of the best things about leather is that it is a product that lives as you do. It conforms to your lifestyle, your mannerisms, your body, where you place and store it, and more. This may take months or even years to manifest, but there are ways to speed up this process artificially. Here … Read more

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How to Break in New Leather Jacket – 3 Best Ways

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Can You Tailor a Leather Jacket? All That You Need to Know

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How to Soften New & Old Leather Jacket – Top Tips & Tricks

Leather jackets that are brand new or too old and unmaintained are stiff and disobedient. Brand new, the leather jacket hasn’t been broken in yet and is yet to develop character. Too old and unmaintained, the leather can get dry and stiff, making it wrinkly and potentially risk cracking. Whether your jacket is new or … Read more

Can You Wear Leather Jacket in the Rain? How to Protect It!

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