Why & How to Fix Bald Spots on Suede Shoes Easily

fix suede shoes

Bald spots on your suede shoes can be distracting to look at and annoying to touch. In this article, we’ll be talking about everything you need to learn about what causes bald spots on suede and how you can easily remedy them at home. Can suede be fixed? Definitely. Even though suede is one of …

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Why is Leather Dye Rubbing Off & How to Prevent Color Transfer

leather dye transfer

New leather products or freshly dyed leather can rub off on many surfaces. Getting dye stains on your clothes, car seats, or anything that your belt or bag might rub off on could ruin those things and ruin your day. Here’s how to prevent this from happening. What is leather dye made of? Leather dyes …

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What Causes Leather to Bubble & How to Fix It Effectively

fix bubble on leather seat

You’ve probably noticed that some leather items can bubble over time and it ruins not just the durability, but also the quality. Leather bubbles look like air pockets underneath the top layer of leather and in this article, we’ll talk about what causes them and how you can get rid of them effectively. What causes …

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9 Powerful Ways on How To Make Patent Leather Matte at Home

Black oxford patent leather shoes

Patent leather is common in the market nowadays and you will see them on items such as leather shoes, leather bags, and even leather furniture. Having a glossy and shiny finish on any leather is not a bad thing but you might be growing tired of it and you want a more matte finish now. …

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How to Flatten Leather – 4 Simple Methods with Step by Step

Different bent leather samples

Whether you’re dealing with wrinkled leather clothing, a leather purse, or just a big roll of stock leather that has been stored for too long, getting it smooth and straight can be tough. It can even be harder when you’re unsure what type of leather material you’re handling and you risk damaging the leather. In …

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Get Wrinkles Out of Faux Leather – Top 3 Ways You Need to Know

Two Seater Faux Leather Sofa Brown Armrests

Faux leather can get quite wrinkly if it gets used often. This happens most to faux leather items that experience a lot of movement. We’re talking about faux leather jackets, car seats, couches, shoes, or bags. You’ve come to the right place if you want to straighten your faux leather items out. Can you iron …

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How to Get Creases & Wrinkles Out of Leather Shoes Easily

Groom's leather shoes with creases on wooden floo

Shoes will always have creases, but it would be difficult to wear leather shoes proudly if the amount of creases is unsightly. We want you to have leather shoes you can be proud of wearing. Here’s how to remove and lessen the appearance of wrinkles on your leather shoes. Can you get creases out of …

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4 Best Ways to Stop Leather Jacket from Squeaking

Pretty young girl in black leather jacket covering her ears to stop squeaking

It can be embarrassing to wear a loud leather jacket that creaks and squeaks with every tiny movement. In this article, you will learn about the reasons why leather jackets make this noise and how to stop it. Why does my leather jacket squeak? The main reason why anything squeaks is because of friction. If …

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How to Repair Tears in Real & Faux Leather Jacket Easily

repair black leather jacket

Tears and holes in your leather jacket will not only ruin its aesthetics but will also open up you up to more risks of having a bigger tear that will eventually be unrepairable. To prevent this from happening, you should fix your ripped leather jacket as soon as you can. Of course, there are professionals …

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