11 Best Suede & Nubuck Protectors for Jackets 2024 Reviews

Suede and nubuck are luxurious materials that need to be cared for properly as their luxurious look can be ruined quite easily when liquids end up touching them. Here are the best suede and nubuck protectors and how you can use them to make your suede and nubuck last longer.

Overall winner
Best value for money
SAPHIR Medaille d’Or Super Invulner – Waterproof Spray for All Leather Shoes & Boots, Shoe Protector Spray – Neutral
Bickmore Gard-More Water & Stain Repellent 5.5oz- Leather Protector and Suede Protector Waterproofing Spray Guard for Boots, Shoes, Clothing, Hats, Jackets & More
SAPHIR Medaille d'Or Suede Renovator - Neutral
safe and natural ingredients, breathable, no discoloration
did not affect the color, great price, quick-drying and silicone-free
cleans, conditions and revitalizes even the finest leathers
Overall winner
SAPHIR Medaille d’Or Super Invulner – Waterproof Spray for All Leather Shoes & Boots, Shoe Protector Spray – Neutral
safe and natural ingredients, breathable, no discoloration
Best value for money
Bickmore Gard-More Water & Stain Repellent 5.5oz- Leather Protector and Suede Protector Waterproofing Spray Guard for Boots, Shoes, Clothing, Hats, Jackets & More
did not affect the color, great price, quick-drying and silicone-free
Best 3-in-1
SAPHIR Medaille d'Or Suede Renovator - Neutral
cleans, conditions and revitalizes even the finest leathers

Best protectors for suede & nubuck jackets Reviews

Suede and nubuck are delicate leather items that have a rich velvety texture. The most important thing when it comes to prolonging their lives is to protect them from their common enemy – water and stains. Here are some of the best protectors for suede and nubuck jackets on market:

Saphir Medaille d’Or Super Invulner

First on our list is the Saphir Medaille d’Or Super Invulner– considered the Cadillac when it comes to leather care products. This waterproofing and anti-staining spray can be used on all leather items including suede, nubuck, and other delicate textiles.

SAPHIR Medaille d’Or Super Invulner – Waterproof Spray for All Leather Shoes & Boots, Shoe Protector Spray – Neutral

Saphir Medaille d’Or has been awarded in 1925 for its unmatched quality of luxury leather care products that are made with natural materials such as pine-based turpentine, mink oils, and vegetable wax. Their formula has remained unchanged since then and has been guaranteed to be free from harmful chemicals that can damage fine leather such as resins and silicones.

What we like

  • Made from leather-safe and natural ingredients
  • Good for high-end suede and nubuck
  • Improves breathability
  • Slow-drying formula to avoid discoloration

What we don’t like

  • Has a strong smell at the beginning
  • Quite expensive compared to the others

Bickmore Gard-more Water & Stain Repellent

This multi-purpose water and stain-repellent spray are perfect if you’re looking for something that can add an added layer of protection to your suede or nubuck jacket against water, stains, or dirt. Plus, it’s also silicone-free so the breathability is not compromised at all. You can also use this on other finished leather items such as your leather shoes and bags.

Bickmore Gard-More Water & Stain Repellent 5.5oz- Leather Protector and Suede Protector Waterproofing Spray Guard for Boots, Shoes, Clothing, Hats, Jackets & More

Similar to the Saphir Medaille, this product also comes in an aerosol spray bottle and has been a trusted brand since 1882 for leather, equine, and hat care products. If you’re looking for a more affordable yet quality suede or nubuck care product similar to Saphir, you can try this one instead.

What we like

  • Adds a protective layer without affecting the breathability
  • Provides the best value for your money
  • Quick-drying and silicone-free

What we don’t like

  • You need to spray more than 1 layer for better protection

Scotchgard 3M Suede & Nubuck Protector

If you’re looking for the cheapest suede and nubuck protector in the market, look no further than the Scotchgard 3M Suede & Nubuck Protector. This spray does not cause any discoloration on your item and doesn’t have a strong smell, which is a common turn-off when it comes to protectant sprays nowadays.

Scotchgard Nubuck & Suede Leather Protector Spray, Suede Spray for Footwear and Accessories, Leather Protectant Spray, 6 Oz

What makes this product unique is that it also prevents your jacket from salt stains caused by sweating. This product can be used on all types and colors of nubuck and suede, but it’s not recommended for other smooth textiles like finished leather.

What we like

  • Can be used once every six months
  • Has a clear finish
  • Resists salt stains

What we don’t like

  • Not as versatile as the other brands

Tarrago Hightech Nano Protector

This protectant spray has one of the most innovative formulas in the market yet. The Tarrago Hightech Nano Protector has a top-class formulation based on nanotechnology. Basically, what this does is cover the individual fibers of your suede or nubuck with nano elements– making it more effective at repelling water, stains, and dust while making sure it’s still breathable.

Tarrago Nano Shoe Protector Spray | 6.5oz | Waterproof & Stain Repellent for Sneakers, Suede, Canvas, Leather, Fabric, Nylon, Hiking, Boots

Tarrago calls this formulation the “Lotus Flower Effect” since it creates an invisible layer of protection for your item by repelling water or dirt from the surface– letting them slide down like small droplets.

What we like

  • Promotes breathability of the item
  • Uses nanotechnology for a more effective repellent
  • Has restorative effects on leather
  • Colorless

What we don’t like

  • Needs to be reapplied frequently
  • Has a strong smell at first, but goes away when it’s dry

Nikwax Nubuck and Suede Proof

Nikwax Nubuck & Suede Proof helps optimize the performance of your item by making sure it is water-repellent and still breathable. If you’re looking for a more natural, yet affordable protectant spray for your item, this formula is created to be free from solvents, PFAS, and PFC that causes a strong scent.

Nikwax Nubuck & Suede Proof, 125ml, Spray-On Waterproofing Restores DWR Water Repellency in Textured Leather Footwear, Shoe & Boot Care and Rain Protection

This product also doesn’t contain any optical brighteners that can cause discoloration or damage the texture if you use it on lighter-colored suede or nubuck. Plus, it’s odorless so it won’t be a hassle applying it even if you’re indoors.

What we like

  • Restores the breathability of your item
  • Preserves the texture of your suede or nubuck
  • Does not contain PFCs that cause strong smells

What we don’t like

  • Not recommended for other textiles

KIWI Suede and Nubuck Waterproofer

KIWI is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to shoe care and they also have a reputable name when it comes to suede and nubuck protection. It does a good job waterproofing suede and nubuck without ruining the original texture and color of your item.

KIWI Suede and Nubuck Protector, 4.25 Oz (Pack of 2) Clear

The downside for this product is that it is not salt resistant unlike the Scotchgard, which means your item is not safe if you sweat on it too much or if you go to the beach where the air is salty. Nonetheless, it’s still one of the best suede and nubuck protectors in the market today considering that it’s also one of the cheapest.

What we like

  • Easy application
  • Quick-drying
  • Great for water and mud resistance

What we don’t like

  • Not salt-resistant
  • Has a noticeable smell upon application

Apple Brand Garde Rain & Stain Repellent

If you’re looking for a suede and nubuck protector with more comprehensive repellent properties, you can trust that Apple Brand will deliver. This repellent spray can protect your items against, salt stains, body grease or sweat, oils, and water spots. Plus, it’s not only exclusive to suede or nubuck because you can use it on smoother leather textures as well.

Apple Brand Garde Rain & Stain Water Repellent - Protector Spray For Handbags, Purses, Shoes, Boots, Accessories, Furniture - Won't Alter Color - Great For Vachetta

You also don’t need to worry about discoloration with this product since its formula is gentle yet effective without the need for artificial ingredients to enhance the color of your item. It dries pretty quickly so you can use your jacket immediately and will not cause discoloration in the long run.

What we like

  • Does not leave a residue
  • Gentle formula for preserving the texture
  • Can be used on all types of finish (multi-purpose)

What we don’t like

  • Has a strong smell

Moneysworth & Best Suede & Nubuck Protector

Moneysworth & Best Suede & Nubuck Protector provides all-around protection against rain and humidity, stains, and other types of liquid that can cause stains. If you want to maintain the color and texture of your suede or nubuck jacket, this one’s a good deal since their formula also comes with UV protection against sun damage.

Moneysworth & Best Suede & Nubuck Protector, 5.6-Ounce

This protectant spray not only repels liquid, but also soil and other dirt materials that can stick to the fibers of your jacket. So if you’re someone who likes to go on outdoor adventures, you should have a weatherproof spray for your prized item like this one.

What we like

  • Helps prevent fading, discoloration, and cracking
  • Has UV protection
  • Quick-drying with breathable protection

What we don’t like

  • Not ideal for light-colored suede and nubuck

Renapur Protector

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly protectant spray for your suede or nubuck jacket, we suggest the Renapur Protector. It doesn’t come in an aerosol spray can and it’s fairly easy to bring it with you wherever you go because of its compact size. What makes the Renapur Protector stand out among other brands is that it is not highly flammable.

Renapur Suede, Nubuck, Fabric Waterproofing/Stain Protection — Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic, for Shoes, Boots, Trainers & Clothing (3.4 fl.oz)

They also have a non-toxic formula so you can use it around your pets or kids. It does a great job at repelling water and stains, plus it doesn’t have any strong odors so you can use it safely indoors.

What we like

  • Multi-purpose
  • A little goes a long way
  • Non-aerosol container (non-flammable)
  • Non-toxic formula and odorless

What we don’t like

  • Takes around 24 hours to fully dry

Cadillac Shield

Another multi-purpose protector spray is the Cadillac Shield. It works on suede, nubuck, leather, nylon, canvas, and other textiles to prevent it from water stains all year round It also repels dirt and oil for added protection to your item whether it be a jacket, purse, sofa, or any type of garment.

Cadillac Shield Water and Stain - Leather and Fabric Protector Spray - Great for Shoes - 5.5 oz - Waterproof and Protect Suede, Leather, Nubuck, Fabric, Nylon, Polyester & More

This spray doesn’t come in an aerosol can plus it’s safe to use on all colored materials. Cadillac Shield is perfect if you’re looking for long-lasting protection with a silicone-free formula to make sure that your item stays breathable and clean. Their container also doesn’t come in a non-aerosol spray for safe usage and it produces a fine mist spray for an even easier application.

What we like

  • Silicone-free
  • Gentle cleaning
  • Produces a fine mist spray
  • Comes in a non-aerosol spray container

What we don’t like

  • Has a strong smell

Best 3-in-1 suede/nubuck care (cleans, conditions, protects)

Sometimes, it’s much more convenient to just buy a product that does everything in one go. If you’re looking for a suede/ nubuck care product that not only protects but also cleans and conditions, try this product below:

Saphir Suede Renovateur

Saphir Suede Renovateur has a premium formula made especially for suede and nubuck– made with almond oil to enhance the appearance of your velvety jacket. This product makes your jacket water-resistant and is also free from silicone to ensure that it’s still breathable.

SAPHIR Medaille d'Or Suede Renovator - Neutral

Aside from protecting, you can also use this to clean and nourishes suede or nubuck. All you need to do is spray it and use a suede brush to restore its fluff. It’s safe to use on all colors and does not cause any discoloration on light-colored items.

What we like

  • Silicone-free
  • Great for high-end suede or nubuck materials
  • Non-petroleum-based and resin-free
  • Really easy way to condition suede and nubuck

What we don’t like

  • Has a strong smell upon application
  • Doesn’t protect as much as the Saphir Invulner

Other brands that didn’t make our ranking

  • ‎Nano Z Coating
  • CLOUT Guard Water & Stain Repellent
  • Gear Aid Revivex Suede and Fabric Repellent
  • Aged Leather Pros Leather Waterproofing
  • Angelus Boot Spray
  • Ralyn Suede & Nubuck Aquatec
  • HOBO Suede & Leather Protector
  • Pedag Waterproofer
  • Care & Cool Suede and Nubuck Conditioner
  • Crep Protect
  • Reshoevn8r
  • Hendlex Shoes Protect
  • UGG Protector Shoe Spray

What are suede protectors?

There is one thing that suede and nubuck are very sensitive to; liquids. Liquids don’t necessarily damage or weaken suede and nubuck, but they can cause dark spots very easily and it’s easily noticeable.

Suede protectors are made to waterproof the surface of suede or nubuck to prevent liquid stains. These protectors create a hydrophobic barrier between the surface and any liquids that try to absorb into the fibrous leather.

How to choose the right protector for suede jacket

While any protector is better than no protector, we want to let you know what you should look out for when choosing between different suede protector products.

When it comes to suede protectors, the ingredients aren’t so important but the effectiveness is. The ingredients don’t really absorb into the material as that would ruin the material.

Less discoloration effects

When looking for a suede protector, you should look for ones that don’t change the color of your suede too much. It’s hard to avoid this as applying a coating of a suede protector spray will almost always darken your jacket, especially if it’s a light-colored suede, but you can find some sprays where it does not darken as much as the others.

Most of the time, though, the suede will return to its original color after the protector has dried up.

Ability to resist mud and heavy water

While no suede protector can turn your suede jacket into a raincoat, it’s best to use a protector that can stop large amounts of liquid as those are the worst types of problems you can run into.

Light drops aren’t usually a problem, nor would they be obvious enough. While it’s still good to protect from light drops, being able to stop an accident from making your jacket look bad is even better.

Some brands are even able to stop mud from sticking to your jacket entirely, especially on the first day after coating. This coating will wear off over time though so take note of that before blaming it on the protector. Just simply reapply the protective coating.

When to use a suede protector

You should use a suede protector once every few months depending on the weather conditions and the frequency of your use.

If you have a suede leather jacket, chances are you don’t use it very often and you only use it on special occasions every few weeks. If that’s you, then you should spray your jacket every 3-4 months to keep it safe from any liquids.

If you use your jacket very rarely, like once every few months, then you should spray your jacket a few days before the event to make sure that the waterproof coating is fresh.

For frequent use, you should probably spray your jacket every 2-3 months as friction, sun exposure, and even oxidation will degrade the coating. You may also reapply more often if you notice that the suede is starting to absorb liquid once again.

How to put suede/nubuck protectors on jacket

Applying suede protectors is quite easy as they’re usually ready-to-use products that require little prep work, however, there are still a few things you should take note of before using them.

Remove any dust and debris

As you’re going to be spraying a coating on top of the material, it’s best to remove as much dust and foreign particulates on the surface of your suede or nubuck. Without doing this, the coating will be compromised as the particles will block the protector from being applied to the area thoroughly.

You may use a suede brush or a regular brush to remove as much dust from the surface as you can.

Spray away from the surface

In order to get the best results without ruining the surface of your suede or nubuck, you should spray from a reasonable distance away.

Spraying too close will end up making the surface too wet, and for light-colored suede, this will darken the surface a lot. While it may return to its original color after drying, we cannot guarantee this if you made the surface too wet by spraying too close.

Significantly wetting the surface is not a problem for dark-colored suede that doesn’t show any discoloration when wet, but you should be more careful when applying it to light-colored suede.

Spray the suede 6 inches (15 cm) away and spray in side-to-side motions until you get the entire jacket. Wait a few hours or a whole day before applying the second layer. Depending on the product, you may not need to apply a second layer. You can refer to the product indications if it requires multiple layers or not. However, you can apply more layers on your own if you want to be thorough.

How long does it take for suede protectors to take effect?

Suede protectors don’t work immediately and you should definitely wait a few hours for the suede protector to dry completely. To be completely safe, we suggest you wait 24 hours before using the item.

You could also test the suede by applying a little bit of water in an inconspicuous area and see if the water absorbs into the material or not. If it does absorb, we suggest going over it again with another layer, but we don’t suggest going more than 3 layers.

How does waterproofing spray work?

Waterproofing sprays work by creating a barrier between the outside world and the suede material. Some waterproofing sprays use natural ingredients and others use synthetic ingredients to achieve the same effect. However, natural ingredients may not be as effective or longer-lasting compared to synthetic ingredients.

Synthetic ingredients like silicone work really well to block out any liquids that touch the surface from absorbing the material. They do this by plugging up the pores of the material and using the long polymer chains, to create an impermeable surface from liquids. The liquids usually ball up and slide off as the coating also prevents liquids from sticking to the sprayed-on material itself.


How do you protect suede and nubuck in winter?

Snow doesn’t affect suede and nubuck as much as rain, but suede protectors can still do a great job of protecting those materials from snow. You should still regularly apply a suede protector as you normally would for those materials no matter what season it is.

Will a suede jacket get ruined in the rain?

Rain doesn’t really damage suede, but it will darken it if it absorbs water. While it doesn’t damage it immediately, repeated exposure to water and rapid drying can slowly degrade and weaken the fibers, potentially leading to damage.

Can suede protectors be used on leather?

Suede protectors can be used on normal leather like other waterproofing sprays. They’re usually made of the same ingredients anyway, but normal waterproofing sprays may have a better finish compared to suede protectors. However, there are some suede protectors that don’t work on smooth finishings, so always make sure to check the label.

Are faux suede jackets waterproof?

Faux suede is made from polyester which does not absorb water. While the water will make its way into the fabric, it will not absorb into the polyester itself as it is made of plastic. However, it is not waterproof unless there is a tight backing layer that is impermeable to water. Water still might go into the weaves and through the jacket.


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