Does Leather Breathe? 6 Useful Tips for Better Breathability

vintage father and son breathable leather boots on wooden surface

Breathability is one of the best selling points of leather and it’s hard to find any other material that is both as durable and breathable as leather. If you want to improve the breathability of your leather jacket or leather boots, check our tips and tricks below. Does leather breathe? Technically, what leather does is …

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Leather in the Freezer: Does It Work, or Is It Just a Myth?

leather boots on snow

Freezing clothes is a very old method of reducing or eliminating odors. Technically, freezing is a form of dry cleaning as well. However, will it work for leather? Is freezing even good for leather? In this article, we will explore what freezing will do to leather and whether you should do it or not. Does …

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Remove Curry Stains Out of Leather – Effective Tips & Tricks

chicken curry

Curry is a popular dish known for its bright-colored sauce and heavily-spiced profile. This means accidentally spilling some on your leather item can be bad news. Don’t worry though, because just like all other food stains and accidents, it can still be remedied using the right products and the appropriate steps which we’ll be talking …

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Full Grain Leather – Easy & Proper Way How to Clean & Care

full grain leather

It might be daunting at first to learn how to clean and properly take care of full-grain leather goods, but it’s actually pretty easy once you get the basics down. In this article, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know on how to maximize the longevity of your prized leather items and the …

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What is Luxe Leather | Pros & Cons | Top Care Tips & Tricks

A woman carrying a Louis Vuitton square luxe leather bag.

You’ve probably heard the term “luxury leather” thrown around but is never defined. In this article, we’re going to inform you about real luxury leather, what it is, and how to take care of it. What is luxe leather? Luxe leather is just another term for any type of luxury leather that showcases the high-quality …

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Does Weed Smell Stick to Leather? | How to Prevent & Remove It

Beautiful woman in black leather jacket smoking weed outdoors

Having your leather goods smell like weed can take away from the attractiveness of the item. A luxurious leather couch that smells like weed can suddenly make it seem like it came from the junkyard. It’s also embarrassing to wear a leather jacket that smells like weed and people might give you weird looks. Here’s …

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Can You Use Pledge On Real, Faux & Suede Leather? Useful Tips

pledge on leather

Pledge claims that its products can clean leather couches and leather products, is it true, or can Pledge damage your leather? We’re here to guide you on whether you can or cannot use Pledge on your leather items and furniture. Pledge on real leather Pledge is great for all sorts of household cleaning situations, but …

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Can Nubuck Get Wet? | How to Waterproof Nubuck Leather Properly

Rain drops on waterproof nubuck boots

Nubuck is a type of leather that comes from the inner layer of animal hide and it can be sensitive to being wet. It’s hard to avoid accidental spills sometimes and it’s important to know how you can protect your nubuck items from being damaged. Can nubuck get wet? Technically, nubuck can get wet if …

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Why & How to Fix Bald Spots on Suede Shoes Easily

fix suede shoes

Bald spots on your suede shoes can be distracting to look at and annoying to touch. In this article, we’ll be talking about everything you need to learn about what causes bald spots on suede and how you can easily remedy them at home. Can suede be fixed? Definitely. Even though suede is one of …

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