How to Safely Wash Leather Jacket in Washing Machine

The washing machine isn’t made for clothes like leather jackets. Conversely, leather jackets aren’t made for washing machines either. Practically no leather item is. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for you to use a washing machine to wash your leather jacket. In our other article, we discussed how you can wash and clean a … Read more

Can You Get a Leather Jacket Dry Cleaned?

Dry cleaning done by professionals who are experienced in working with leather is the safest way to get your genuine leather jacket cleaned. However, the standard dry cleaning process used on other types of clothing may not be suitable for leather. Before you go to the dry cleaners, here’s everything you need to know about … Read more

How to Clean Leather Jacket Lining at Home & What to Avoid

Just like any piece of clothing, leather jackets need to be cleaned as well. Especially the lining, which is the closest to your skin and absorbs your sweat, oils, and odors. Looking good in a leather jacket is great, but it can really take away from the whole outfit if it doesn’t smell right. It … Read more