Remove Curry Stains Out of Leather – Effective Tips & Tricks

chicken curry

Curry is a popular dish known for its bright-colored sauce and heavily-spiced profile. This means accidentally spilling some on your leather item can be bad news. Don’t worry though, because just like all other food stains and accidents, it can still be remedied using the right products and the appropriate steps which we’ll be talking …

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Does Weed Smell Stick to Leather? | How to Prevent & Remove It

Beautiful woman in black leather jacket smoking weed outdoors

Having your leather goods smell like weed can take away from the attractiveness of the item. A luxurious leather couch that smells like weed can suddenly make it seem like it came from the junkyard. It’s also embarrassing to wear a leather jacket that smells like weed and people might give you weird looks. Here’s …

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How to Clean Makeup Off Real Leather Jacket or Faux Car Seats

Many professional cosmetics for make up

When you’re living life on the go, it can’t be helped that sometimes you have to rush and this may lead to small spills here and there. Cosmetic stains are not a great sight to see especially if it’s noticeable and ruins the aesthetic of your leather furniture and garments. In this article, we’ll show …

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How to Clean Blood from Real & Faux Leather Sofa or Car Seat

Blood stains

Blood stains on leather are rare mishaps, but not impossible. It might seem daunting thinking about blood stains on your leather sofa or faux leather car seats, but it’s something that can be remedied. In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to remove blood on all types of leather surfaces …

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How to Get Hand Sanitizer Stains Out of Leather Easily

hand disinfectant sanitizer dispenser

Hand sanitizers and sanitizing, in general, have become much more commonplace after the pandemic. We want to keep our health safe, which will involve ensuring that your hands are clean as they touch everything. However, it might become very common to spill or drop some hand sanitizer on your leather purse, jacket or shoes accidentally …

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Get Human & Pet Urine Smell & Stains from Leather Car Seats

guy cleaning urine on black leather car seat

Urine can be one of the worst cleaning experiences next to fecal matter. It stinks, stains, and can lead to bacterial growth on your leather seats. Whether it’s because of a child or your pets, here’s how to deal with the problems you might face when urine gets on your leather car seats or couch. …

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Do Fleas Like Leather Furniture? | How To Get Rid Them Easily

labrador puppy on leather couch

Couches and sofas are the most common area where you can find fleas because it’s where we all go to relax, meet guests, and chill with our pets like dogs or cats. This exposes your beloved leather furniture to flea infestations that cause skin irritations and other health problems to everyone in your home. In …

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Top Methods to Get Ink Out of Real, Faux & Suede Leather Purse

leather female handbag

Ink stains are very obvious on leather items and they can leave a permanent mark if you’ve left it to dry out. If you own a leather purse, you’re probably aware that your purse can be at risk for any kind of stains, especially ink stains from the pens you bring with you everywhere. If …

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How to Disinfect Leather from Germs & Viruses Like Covid-19

Leather sofa disinfecting and cleaning

No item or surface is immune from germs and viruses, and this includes leather. If you want to make sure that your leather furniture is free from bacteria that can cause diseases like COVID-19, you should know how to disinfect them properly without running the risk of damaging the material. In this article, we’ll talk …

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