5 Easy Way to Remove Chewing Gum from Leather Step By Step

remove gum from leather car seat with brush

Gum is incredibly annoying to have on anything, even worse on your beloved leather goods or leather car seats! Don’t try to remove it as quickly as you can by picking on it and potentially scratching the leather or peeling off the faux leather. Read on and find out a few ways you can remove …

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Can Bed Bugs Live on Leather? 4 Top Ways How to Get Rid of Them

bed bug on leather couch

Bed bugs are pesky pests that can become a huge problem if not mitigated immediately. Once they start infesting your leather furniture like sofas or couches, you will definitely feel them crawl on your skin which can cause itchiness or skin allergies. This article will teach you effective methods on how to get rid of …

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How to Clean & Dry Real & Faux Leather Jacket At Home

Woman cleaning leather jacket

Leather jackets may not be high maintenance since you don’t need to wash them as often as you would in normal clothes. However, it does need to be cleaned and washed carefully every now and then to remove stains, molds, or even unwanted smells that stick to it. This article will talk about everything you …

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How to Clean Common Problems of Thrifted Leather Jacket Easily

leather jackets hanging on a rack at a thrift store

Thrifted leather jackets are awesome, they come with a lot of history. It’s also a great way to find good leather jackets without spending too much. Some people have even found $500 jackets and above for less than $20! They might come with a bunch of problems though and you will need to clean them …

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7 Powerful Methods on How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Leather

get smoke smell off leather

If you’re a smoker or love barbecues, chances are your leather goods probably smell of smoke. Smoke can attach itself to many things like fabric and many other porous materials. If you’re having visitors over or are going to a party, you wouldn’t want your leather couch or leather jacket smelling like smoke. Here’s how …

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How to Easily Remove Wet & Dried Acrylic Paint from Leather

remove acrylic paint off leather shoes

Acrylic is a great painting medium, it’s a relatively safe medium to work with, and it works on various types of materials and surfaces. Unfortunately, it also works on leather. Whether you or your child has accidentally spilled some on your couch or you changed your mind about your artwork, removing the paint is probably …

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3 Best Ways to Clean Mold Off Leather Jacket & How to Protect

moldy black leather jacket

If you haven’t used your leather jacket in a while, and you’ve left it in or near a moist area, chances are, mold will start to form. Don’t throw your jacket away though. As disgusting as mold and fungus are, it’s not the end of the world for leather jackets. Here are some of the …

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How to Get Smell Out of Leather Jacket – 5 Simple Ways

beautiful girl with black leather jacket standing pinching her nose and stoping bad smell.

It’s not always easy to get the smell of leather out of a leather jacket, especially if you’ve had it for a while. The smell can be caused by using products that aren’t meant for leather or by storing your jacket in an area where other items have their own smell. However, if you follow …

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How to Safely Wash Leather Jacket in Washing Machine

leather in washing machine

The washing machine isn’t made for clothes like leather jackets. Conversely, leather jackets aren’t made for washing machines either. Practically no leather item is. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for you to use a washing machine to wash your leather jacket. In our other article, we discussed how you can wash and clean a …

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Can You Get a Leather Jacket Dry Cleaned?

dry cleaning leather jacket

Dry cleaning done by professionals who are experienced in working with leather is the safest way to get your genuine leather jacket cleaned. However, the standard dry cleaning process used on other types of clothing may not be suitable for leather. Before you go to the dry cleaners, here’s everything you need to know about …

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