4 Best Methods to Get Fish Smell Out of Faux Leather at Home

Disgusted boy holding a pair of smelly faux leather shoes

Faux leather may sometimes smell unpleasant even if it is brand new. These problems mostly plague buyers who have bought their faux leather goods online and have had it shipped to their location. The problem may also lie in the manufacturing of the item. Learn all about why your faux leather may have a bad …

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How to Remove Mold from Leather Car Seats – 5 Effective Methods

mold fungus on a car seat

Mold and mildew are among the top problems many people face regarding leather items, including leather car seats. Even if you have dark-colored car seats and the mold is not visible, you’ll still be able to smell it and who wants to have fungi growing in their car’s interior? In this article, we’ll be talking …

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4 Powerful Ways How to Clean Sunscreen Off Leather Car Seats

Sunscreen stains on car seat

If you’re someone who regularly uses sunscreen and may have spilled it on your leather car seats, or if you’ve come from a trip to the beach and the sunscreen on your skin has rubbed off on your seats, it may have left a stain. Sunscreen stains can be quite unsightly, especially on dark or …

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Best Ways to Clean, Wash, Dry & Condition Your Leather Pants

Young woman in black leather pants

Regular pants don’t get washed very often, and when it comes to leather pants, it’s even more true. There isn’t a very great need to regularly wash leather goods. In fact, it’s not encouraged to wash leather goods very often at all because that will shorten their lifespan. But, there will be a time when …

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5 Best Ways to Remove Super Glue from Real, Faux Leather & Suede

super glue

If you accidentally spill super glue on any leather surface, don’t fret. You have many options to choose from on how to remove super glue from leather, and if you don’t want to hire a professional cleaner, you can always Do-It-Yourself. Although there is a risk of permanently damaging the leather, the methods we will …

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5 Easy Way to Remove Chewing Gum from Leather Step By Step

remove gum from leather car seat with brush

Gum is incredibly annoying to have on anything, even worse on your beloved leather goods or leather car seats! Don’t try to remove it as quickly as you can by picking on it and potentially scratching the leather or peeling off the faux leather. Read on and find out a few ways you can remove …

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Can Bed Bugs Live on Leather? 4 Top Ways How to Get Rid of Them

bed bug on leather couch

Bed bugs are pesky pests that can become a huge problem if not mitigated immediately. Once they start infesting your leather furniture like sofas or couches, you will definitely feel them crawl on your skin which can cause itchiness or skin allergies. This article will teach you effective methods on how to get rid of …

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How to Clean & Dry Real & Faux Leather Jacket At Home

Woman cleaning leather jacket

Leather jackets may not be high maintenance since you don’t need to wash them as often as you would in normal clothes. However, it does need to be cleaned and washed carefully every now and then to remove stains, molds, or even unwanted smells that stick to it. This article will talk about everything you …

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How to Clean Common Problems of Thrifted Leather Jacket Easily

leather jackets hanging on a rack at a thrift store

Thrifted leather jackets are awesome, they come with a lot of history. It’s also a great way to find good leather jackets without spending too much. Some people have even found $500 jackets and above for less than $20! They might come with a bunch of problems though and you will need to clean them …

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