Is leather edible? | Proven Tips on How to Eat Leather

Piece of natural brown leather

Whether you ingest leather by accident or you find yourself in a dire situation where you have nothing else to eat, ingesting leather is something that can pose a health risk. In this article, we’ll be talking about what kind of leather is edible or not, and what can happen to you if you eat …

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What is Recycled Leather – Pros & Cons | Caring & Buying Tips

recycled leather scraps

You’ve probably heard companies throw around the word “recycled leather” as marketing buzz. If you’re wondering what recycled leather is all about and whether it’s something you’d want to buy, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll tell you what recycled leather is, how to take care of it, and if it’s worth buying. What …

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Why is Leather Dye Rubbing Off & How to Prevent Color Transfer

leather dye transfer

New leather products or freshly dyed leather can rub off on many surfaces. Getting dye stains on your clothes, car seats, or anything that your belt or bag might rub off on could ruin those things and ruin your day. Here’s how to prevent this from happening. What is leather dye made of? Leather dyes …

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303 Leather Care Products Reviews | Is 303 Protectant Good?

303 Leather Care has been in the industry since 1980 providing various products for cleaning, conditioning, and protecting leather goods, but is it actually worth the buy? Find out here: 303 Leather 3-In-1 Complete Care If you’re looking for something that can provide you with complete care for items with finished leather or vinyl surfaces, …

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Is Leather Gasket Good? | How to Make Own One at Home Easily

leather gaskets

Leather is a material that is almost similar to rubber in many ways. Modern gaskets are usually made of rubber or silicone, so does leather make a good gasket? Learn all about using leather as a gasket here. Does leather make a good gasket? Leather makes excellent gaskets. Leather gaskets have existed for quite a …

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What Causes Leather to Bubble & How to Fix It Effectively

fix bubble on leather seat

You’ve probably noticed that some leather items can bubble over time and it ruins not just the durability, but also the quality. Leather bubbles look like air pockets underneath the top layer of leather and in this article, we’ll talk about what causes them and how you can get rid of them effectively. What causes …

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11 Best Saddle Soaps & Brushes for Boots & Leather Goods 2023

Saddle soaps and brushes are not only great for maintaining equestrian gear. You can also use them as care products for boots and other leather goods. In this article, we’ll be listing down the best saddle soaps & brushes on the market and what we like and don’t like about them. If you’re looking for …

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How to Clean Makeup Off Real Leather Jacket or Faux Car Seats

Many professional cosmetics for make up

When you’re living life on the go, it can’t be helped that sometimes you have to rush and this may lead to small spills here and there. Cosmetic stains are not a great sight to see especially if it’s noticeable and ruins the aesthetic of your leather furniture and garments. In this article, we’ll show …

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7 Best Suede & Nubuck Cleaning Brushes, Erasers & Kits 2023

Suede and nubuck cannot last long without cleaning brushes & erasers. Not only do they effectively clean, but they can also make sure that the velvety texture on your item lasts for a long time. This article will highlight some of the best brushes and erasers for suede and nubuck as well as how you …

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