303 Leather Care Products Reviews | Is 303 Protectant Good?

303 Leather Care has been in the industry since 1980 providing various products for cleaning, conditioning, and protecting leather goods, but is it actually worth the buy? Find out here:

303 Leather 3-In-1 Complete Care

If you’re looking for something that can provide you with complete care for items with finished leather or vinyl surfaces, then you can try this 3-in-1 leather care product from 303. Not only does it clean, but it also has superior UV protection that prevents leather from cracking and fading.

303 Products Leather 3-In-1 Complete Care - Cleans, Conditions, & Protects - Helps Prevent Fading & Cracking - Rinse Free Formula - Repels Dust, Lint, & Staining, 16 fl. oz. (30218CSR) Packaging May Vary

3-in-1 leather care products are perfect if you don’t want to do the cleaning and conditioning separately as it can sometimes be time-consuming. What’s great about this is that it has a rinse-free formula and it already comes in a spray bottle, so the application is straightforward.

What we like

  • Protects leather from UV rays
  • Repels dust and stains
  • Easy application and doesn’t leave residue
  • Ideal for light cleaning and conditioning

What we don’t like

  • Not safe for suede and unfinished leather
  • Has a strong smell
  • Not ideal for deep cleaning

303 Leather Cleaner

The 303 Leather Cleaner is perfect if you want to focus more on cleaning your leather goods. If you’re dealing with tough stains and dirt, you might need to use specially-formulated products made for deep cleaning instead of 3-in-1 products. Plus, this leather cleaner is also pH-balanced and made from natural components so it’s guaranteed safe and will not cause leather dryness.

303 Leather Cleaner - Step 1: Cleans & Preps - Safe for Use On Finished & Unfinished Leathers - Cleans Tough Stains - pH Balanced - No Harmful Silicones, 15.5 fl. oz. (30230CSR) Packaging May Vary

Unlike the 303 Leather 3-n-1 Complete Care, you can use this 303 Leather Cleaner on both finished and unfinished leather. It also doesn’t leave any residue and does not contain harmful silicones that can clog the leather pores.

What we like

  • Silicone-free
  • Residue-free
  • Great for deep cleaning
  • Safe for finished and unfinished leather

What we don’t like

  • Doesn’t protect against UV rays
  • Doesn’t do much leather conditioning
  • Not safe to use on suede

303 Leather Conditioner

After you’re done cleaning your leather goods, it’s always recommended that you use leather conditioners afterward. This product is best used after the 303 Leather Cleaner because it brings added protection to the leather after some deep cleaning. Similar to their leather cleaner, you can also use this leather conditioner for both finished and unfinished leather.

303 Leather Conditioner - Step 2: Conditions and Protects - Safe for Use On Both Finished and Unfinished Leathers - Prevents Cracking - Repels Stains, 15.5 fl. oz. (30231CSR) Packaging May Vary

This conditioner comes in a spray bottle for easier application and it provides UV protection similar to the 303 Leather 3-in-1 Complete Care. It’s great for repelling liquids and stains, and it also softens leather goods.

What we like

  • Protects leather from UV damage
  • Liquid and stain-repellant
  • Softens leather
  • Safe for finished and unfinished leather

What we don’t like

  • Leaves a residue
  • Doesn’t do much in removing dirt
  • Not safe for suede

How to apply 303 leather care products

Most 303 Leather Care products you’ll see in the market today are in spray bottles, so it’s fairly easy to apply. Here are some of the few things you can do to make the most out of the products:

  1. Make sure that the surface is free from dust and any loose dirt.
  2. Always check in a hidden spot to see if there are adverse effects like discoloration or fading to the leather.
  3. Use a microfiber towel to spread the product to the entire surface.
  4. Do it in a gentle circular motion and don’t rub the leather too hard.
  5. Wait for the leather goods to thoroughly dry before using. Do not use artificial and direct heat, and don’t place it under direct sunlight to dry.

How often should you use 303 cleaner and conditioner

For optimum results, it is recommended that you reapply the 303 Leather Cleaner and Conditioner every 30-45 days. This is to ensure that there is maximum UV protection to prevent damage caused by direct sunlight. The same also applies to the 303 Leather 3-n-1 Complete Care.

If your leather goods are still in good condition and are not that dirty, then you can use the leather conditioner just for maintenance once every 2 months. This is to prevent wearing it out by cleaning it more than necessary. Conditioning it as often as recommended also ensures that your leather goods are protected against stains and liquid that it might accidentally come into contact with.

Are the 303 products worth it?

They’re not the cheapest products, but they are quite affordable. 303 and its products are able to do what they’re advertised to do and we think that’s a bare minimum good thing.

One thing we are on the fence on about 303 is that their cleaner and conditioner advertises that it is only effective for about 45 days. Reusing a product on leather every 30-45 days is a little too often for our comfort. However, we would understand that if the leather is used extensively like car seats or couches that get sat on every day, then the recommended schedule isn’t extreme.

Leather maintenance should ideally be done as infrequently as possible. Using very few products but only using quality products is the most ideal. If you subscribe to this train of thought, then it would be better to find a more expensive product that lasts much longer.

If your leather does get soiled often and needs cleaning within that schedule anyway, then 303 is great for your needs. We want you to find the right products for your use case and if the 303 products fit your needs, then it is well worth your money. Thankfully it’s also affordable so it doesn’t hurt every time you need to buy another bottle.


Does 303 Automotive, Marine, and Aerospace Protectant work on leather?

Yes, 303 Automotive, Marine, and Aerospace Protectant is safe to use on finished leather. It can also be used on rubber, plastic, and vinyl as it leaves a matte finish on the surface. Even though it is safe for leather, some of their protectants are only safe for finished leather and not unfinished leather, so make sure to read the label first.

Can I use 303 UV Protectant Wipes on leather?

Yes, the 303 UV Protectant Wipes can be used on finished leather. Not only do these wipes protect from UV damage, but it also protects against fading, cracking, and discoloration of various materials like rubber, vinyl, plastic, and leather goods. However, similar to the other 303 Leather Protectant, the wipes can’t be used on unfinished leather.

Is 303 Protectant silicone-based?

No, the 303 Protectant is not silicone-based. The brand is known for their silicone-free formulation to avoid the leather pores from getting clogged. Instead, the 303 Protectant is water-based meaning that it doesn’t contain harmful silicone oils, petroleum distillates, and alcohol.

How long does it take for 303 Protectant to dry?

It usually takes 6-12 hours for 303 Protectants to dry if you place your item in a well-ventilated place. However, it will also depend on the size of your item, the weather, and how it is stored.

Is 303 Protectant the same as Armor All?

303 Protectant is a good alternative if you’re looking for products that work similarly to Armor All. Both brands are known as effective when it comes to leather care, protection, and maintenance. If you want basic coverage against UV rays, then 303 Protectant would work just fine. However, Armor All is better if you want to focus on specific areas when it comes to automotive interior detailing.

Is 303 good for vinyl?

Yes, most 303 products are safe and effective on vinyl. The 303 Protectant is good for protecting surfaces such as vinyl from cracking. All you need to do is spray a thin coat of the 303 Protectant and let it sit for about 30 seconds before wiping the excess moisture away using a soft dry cloth.

What can I use 303 Protectant on?

You can use the 303 Protectant on many types of surfaces such as fiberglass, vinyl, finished leather, gel-coat, synthetic or natural rubber, and plastics. It can effectively protect these materials from UV and ozone degradation, repel dust, and prevent staining. Even though 303 started out as an automotive care brand, their products have been known to have a wide range of uses.


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