How to Flatten Leather – 4 Simple Methods with Step by Step

Different bent leather samples

Whether you’re dealing with wrinkled leather clothing, a leather purse, or just a big roll of stock leather that has been stored for too long, getting it smooth and straight can be tough. It can even be harder when you’re unsure what type of leather material you’re handling and you risk damaging the leather. In …

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Get Human & Pet Urine Smell & Stains from Leather Car Seats

guy cleaning urine on black leather car seat

Urine can be one of the worst cleaning experiences next to fecal matter. It stinks, stains, and can lead to bacterial growth on your leather seats. Whether it’s because of a child or your pets, here’s how to deal with the problems you might face when urine gets on your leather car seats or couch. …

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Do Fleas Like Leather Furniture? | How To Get Rid Them Easily

labrador puppy on leather couch

Couches and sofas are the most common area where you can find fleas because it’s where we all go to relax, meet guests, and chill with our pets like dogs or cats. This exposes your beloved leather furniture to flea infestations that cause skin irritations and other health problems to everyone in your home. In …

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Top Methods to Get Ink Out of Real, Faux & Suede Leather Purse

leather female handbag

Ink stains are very obvious on leather items and they can leave a permanent mark if you’ve left it to dry out. If you own a leather purse, you’re probably aware that your purse can be at risk for any kind of stains, especially ink stains from the pens you bring with you everywhere. If …

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What Happens to Real & Faux Leather When Wet | Fix Water Stains

water on leather texture

Leather is one of the most fragile materials when faced with the risk of getting wet. Different types of leather will react to liquid substances differently and it’s important you know how to fix it if you accidentally get them wet. In this article, we’ll be discussing the risks of getting your leather wet, the …

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How to Disinfect Leather from Germs & Viruses Like Covid-19

Leather sofa disinfecting and cleaning

No item or surface is immune from germs and viruses, and this includes leather. If you want to make sure that your leather furniture is free from bacteria that can cause diseases like COVID-19, you should know how to disinfect them properly without running the risk of damaging the material. In this article, we’ll talk …

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What is Leathaire & How to Clean – All That You Need Know


Air leather is a new advancement in faux leather technology. If you’re looking to buy furniture and happen to hear about air leather, you’re at the right place to know all about it. In this article, we’re going to look at what air leather is, how long it will last, whether it is better than …

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4 Best Methods to Get Fish Smell Out of Faux Leather at Home

Disgusted boy holding a pair of smelly faux leather shoes

Faux leather may sometimes smell unpleasant even if it is brand new. These problems mostly plague buyers who have bought their faux leather goods online and have had it shipped to their location. The problem may also lie in the manufacturing of the item. Learn all about why your faux leather may have a bad …

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