How to Safely Fold & Pack Leather Jacket for Traveling & Shipping

Traveling is awesome and looking good on your travels is just as important if you want to take pictures or just feel confident about yourself. However, if you didn’t pack your leather jacket properly, it might not be in great shape for you to wear confidently. This also applies to shipping a leather jacket, the recipient won’t be happy if it arrives damaged.

Can you fold a leather jacket?

Yes, folding a leather jacket isn’t a sin. However, improper folding can lead to very stubborn or permanent creases and folds. It’s best to fold as straight and as flat as you can. You may also pack your folded leather jacket in a garment bag to protect it better.

Can you roll a leather jacket to ship?

You can roll a leather jacket, but if the leather jacket is brand new, we don’t suggest rolling it as it can become creased. If you’re shipping a used leather jacket, you can roll by first folding the shoulders inwards and letting the sleeves be as straight as possible. Rolling tightly will prevent excess creasing.

How to pack a leather jacket for travel

There are many ways to pack a leather jacket for travel. We will focus on the safest and most accessible methods. We will also discuss what you should and should not do.

What not to do

You should avoid doing any of these if you want to prevent your leather jacket from being permanently creased or getting surface damage like scratches or punctures.

Open packing

Packing your leather jacket with your other items without a barrier between them could be dangerous. Various things could rub up against your leather jacket, scratching it or rubbing dye on it. It’s best to segregate them using packing cubes or garment bags. Keep your leather jacket away from hard objects when packing as well.

Not putting your jacket into a different container might damage your delicate pieces of clothing with the zippers and the other metal parts that could bite into fabrics.

Leaving zippers loose and open

Always close your zippers up and any loose metal pieces on the jacket should be wrapped in tape or bubble wrap. Leaving zippers open could scratch the leather when it’s folded as leather jackets usually have larger and sturdier zippers.

Vacuum bags

Vacuum bags will not allow your leather jacket to breathe, the vacuum may also suck out the moisture in the leather and dry it out. The vacuum will also stiffen the leather, making it very hard to wear or even unfold. Worse still, the extremely tight packing can lead to permanent creases that will be very hard to remove. You don’t want to deal with that while you’re on vacation.

Normal folding

If you want to travel light and don’t plan on bringing many bags and luggage with you, there is a way to optimize the space while still making room for your leather jacket. If you’re only going to be gone for just a few days, you can easily sort your clothes out using packing cubes to separate them from each other.

Things you will need:

  • Ziplock bags
  • Packing cubes


  • Put your leather jacket inside the suitcase before anything else.
  1. Fold the jacket sleeves in toward the coat so that they won’t get tangled with your other clothes.
  2. Put soft clothes around the leather jacket like sweaters or scarves.
  3. Put heavier items like your books at the other end of the luggage. This will prevent your leather jacket from moving around.
  4. Separate your shoes by placing them inside zip lock bags. You can also do this with your toiletries and liquid items to avoid them from soiling your clothes.
  5. You can also use packing cubes to optimize your space even more.

Use a hanger for folding

Packing for a trip doesn’t have to be stressful with a leather jacket. Even though it can take up space in your luggage bag, you can still make room for other stuff especially if you know some folding techniques to free up more space. This is also ideal for trench coats as they are longer and need more guidance.

Things you will need:


  1. Turn your leather jacket inside out and place it on a wide hanger with the collars facing down.
  2. Fold one side of the leather jacket over the other while tucking the sleeves in.
  3. Fold the arms of the jacket and close any open zippers.
  4. Place it in a fabric bag before putting it in your luggage bag. By doing this, you can easily take your leather jacket out and hang it in a closet when you arrive at your destination.

Roll your leather jacket

We mentioned above to avoid rolling your leather jacket, but if you want to bring your leather jacket with small storage space and you don’t want to wear it, you can roll it tightly using the proper method to avoid creasing.


  1. Unzip the zipper of your jacket halfway up.
  2. Flip the jacket inside out and place the sleeves flat on a surface with the inner linings facing upward.
  3. Place your leather jacket with the right side facing down with the sleeves underneath it.
  4. Fold one sleeve in and do the same with the other sleeve.
  5. Tightly roll your leather jacket making sure that you minimize its creasing that make cause leather abrasions.
  6. Squeeze the extra air out that may have formed while you were rolling your jacket.
  7. Pack it tightly along with your other clothes. Make sure it is still surrounded by soft items.

Tips and extra information:

  • We don’t recommend rolling your leather jacket if you’re going for a long trip. It’s still best to fold it neatly, or even better, wear it to avoid creasing.

Use a durable cardboard box

If the packing cubes are not enough to secure your leather jacket, you can use a thick and durable cardboard box to withstand your jacket’s weight as well as protect it from other items in your bag.

Things you will need:


  1. Buy a thick cardboard box that will not easily tear apart or be crushed by heavy items.
  2. Do the normal folding method with the sleeves tucked in.
  3. Place it inside the cardboard box and make sure it fits snugly.
  4. Seal the cardboard box with tape so it won’t pop open while you’re on your trip.
  5. Arrange your items neatly inside your bag, making sure that the cardboard box is not squeezed or crushed.

Tips and extra information:

  • Corrugated paperboard boxes are cheap, but if you want them to be more durable, go for chipboard.

Wear your leather jacket

If you’re traveling with just a backpack or a small bag, you probably don’t have much space to pack in the first place. If you want to be able to pack more things in your backpack, you might as well just wear the leather jacket. That way, the leather jacket is safe from getting damaged, and you’ll have more space in your bag for other things.

If you’re traveling by boat, it’s best to place your leather jacket somewhere it won’t be exposed to the salty air though, so keep a spare garment bag ready and pack it in there with the folding methods previously mentioned.

How to ship a leather jacket

If you own a pricey leather jacket and you just don’t want to risk packing it along with your clothes, you can opt to have it shipped instead. However, placing your leather jacket in the hands of a courier has its own risks as well, so it’s up to you to make sure it’s properly packed for shipping.

Things you will need:


  1. Fold your leather jacket using the normal folding method we mentioned above.
  2. Use bubble wrap to make sure your jacket has extra padded protection. The plastic bubble wraps also act as a barrier against water and scratches.
  3. Tape the bubble wrap so that it doesn’t unwind.
  4. Place your bubble-wrapped leather jacket inside a thick cardboard box. Refer to the steps above on how to pack a leather jacket with a cardboard box.
  5. Choose your courier and if possible, indicate that the item is fragile so it doesn’t get thrown around.


Nobody wants to have a creased and damaged leather jacket in their travel pictures. Even worse, damage from travel elements like extreme heat and moisture can cause permanent damage to your leather jacket. Making sure that you know how to pack and handle your leather garments properly is crucial to preserve the pristine condition that your jacket is in. We hope that this article answered your questions on how to pack your leather items for your trip.


Should I store my leather jacket in a plastic bag?

We don’t recommend packing any of your leather items in a plastic bag because it does not allow the leather material to breathe. This will cause mildew and moisture that will definitely ruin your leather garments.

Does humidity ruin leather?

Yes, humidity can and will ruin your leather items. Storing and packing your leather items is a process to make sure that it is not subjected to damaging conditions such as insufficient ventilation, unstable temperature, high humidity, and others.


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