How to Get Smell Out of Leather Jacket – 5 Simple Ways

It’s not always easy to get the smell of leather out of a leather jacket, especially if you’ve had it for a while. The smell can be caused by using products that aren’t meant for leather or by storing your jacket in an area where other items have their own smell. However, if you follow these steps and use the right products, you can remove just about any type of bad smell from your jacket.

How to get the old smell out of the leather jacket

1. Use any leather cleaner to clean your jacket

You can clean your leather jacket with just about anything, but if you want to maintain its quality and prolong its life, use a special cleaner made specifically for cleaning leather. This will remove stains from sweat and other substances that may have gotten on the jacket in the first place.

It will also help restore the color of your jacket so that it looks nice when you put it on again. Make sure that you follow the instructions on the cleaner.

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2. Hang It Outside

Hanging your leather jacket outside is one of the easiest ways to clean it. Just hang it up somewhere where there’s plenty of space, such as in front of a window or outside on a clothesline.

Keep the leather jacket out of direct sunlight. The sun’s heat will dry your jacket faster, use a leather conditioner to protect new leather and rejuvenate dry leather and old leather.

3. Apply baking soda

Baking soda is a great natural cleaning agent used to clean leather jackets. All you need to do is sprinkle some baking soda onto the jacket and rub it with your hands until all the stains have been removed. Then rinse the baking powder with warm water and let it dry overnight before wearing it again.

This is also one of the essential home ingredients in cleaning, and this is because it has natural anti-bacterial and antifungal properties. It can kill germs and clean leather jackets effectively, but it is also not abrasive on the material so you don’t have to worry about harming your jacket with this cleaning method.

4. Use white vinegar

Spray a small amount of white vinegar onto the stains and rub them with your hands. Then rinse off the jacket with warm water and let it dry overnight before wearing it again. Vinegar is another one of those essential home ingredients that can be used for cleaning many things around your house, including leather jackets.

The acidity of vinegar helps break down dirt and oils on leather jackets so they can easily be removed. The vinegar also acts as a mild disinfectant, making it an excellent choice for cleaning leather. Using this method, you can use either white vinegar or apple cider vinegar to clean your leather jacket.

5. Stuff dryer sheets in the pockets

Stuffing dryer sheets in your jacket’s pockets is a great way to keep them fresh. The dryer sheets’ scent will help eliminate any bad odors that have built up over time, leaving your leather smelling like new again.

This is a particularly good tip for anyone who wears their leather jacket often or doesn’t have the time or money to take it to the cleaners regularly. The dryer sheets will help to keep your leather jacket smelling fresh and clean while reducing the amount of sweat, body oils, and other odors that build up over time.

How to prevent your leather jacket smell badly

1. Avoid purchasing faux leather jackets

If you have a leather jacket that smells like chemicals, steer clear of faux leather jackets. It’s tempting to buy these because they are cheaper than genuine leather and look similar. But they use a variety of chemicals in their manufacturing processes that can cause the jacket to smell bad after only a few uses.

So as a general rule of thumb, when you’re shopping for a leather jacket, avoid those made with synthetic materials and opt instead for one made with real leather. They may be more expensive, but they will last longer, look better and smell better.

2. Do not store your leather jacket in an airtight bag

Many people like to store their leather jackets in sealed plastic bags to keep them from getting dirty or damaged. While this may be a good idea if you use your jacket infrequently, it can actually do more harm than good if you wear your leather jacket often.

Storing it in a bag causes moisture to build up inside the bag and on your jacket. The longer it stays there, the more likely mold and musty smell will begin to form and ruin your jacket. If you have a leather jacket that you often wear, be sure to hang it up or store it on a hanger in an open space so that air can circulate around it.

3. Condition your jacket regularly

If you want to keep your leather jacket from getting stiff and cracking, you should condition it every once in a while. Conditioning will help soften the leather and make it more malleable so that it doesn’t crack or lose shape over time.

It’s important to note that you should only condition your jacket if it is made of real leather. If it’s fake, then the chemicals in the conditioner could cause some damage to the material.

4. Keep it away from water to prevent odor

Leather can absorb water and cause it to smell bad over time if exposed too often. You can protect your jacket by storing it in a dry location when not in use and making sure that no moisture gets into its seams.

If your jacket does become wet, allow it to dry naturally. You should never put a wet leather jacket in the dryer or hang it up on a clothesline—this will make it crack and lose shape.

Final Thoughts

To wrap up this article, we hope you gained significant insight into how to get the smell out of your leather jacket. If you want to make your jacket last as long as possible, we recommend treating it carefully and cleaning it regularly. A little bit of maintenance can go a long way toward making your leather jacket last for years.


Why does a leather jacket smell?

Because leather is a natural material, it can absorb odors. If you use your jacket in a smoky environment or leave it out in the rain, it can begin to smell like smoke and/or mildew. In addition, leather is porous and will absorb the smells of lotions, perfumes, and colognes you wear. This is why it’s essential to store your jacket in a place where it won’t be exposed to these odors.

Can you spray perfume on a leather jacket?

Yes, you can spray perfume on your leather jacket. However, it’s essential to be careful when doing so because some perfumes contain alcohol and other chemicals that can damage your jacket. If you want to wear perfume while wearing your leather jacket, make sure that it’s one specifically designed for use on clothing and/or has been tested by the manufacturer as safe for use on leather.

Is the smell of leather toxic?

No, the smell of leather is not toxic. It can irritate the mucous membranes and respiratory system in large doses, but this is true with many materials used in clothing and accessories. The smell of leather is irritating, especially in high concentrations. It can be toxic if you are allergic to the chemicals used to tan leather (which are also used in some perfumes), but otherwise, it’s not dangerous.


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