Top 7 Tips How to Customize & Design Your Leather Jacket

When it comes to leather jackets, there is really no right or wrong on what they should look like and how you should wear them. Although the classic black or brown leather jackets in retail shops will always be around, you can never go wrong with custom-made leather jackets. Not only you will be able to own a piece that is tailored for you, but you will also get to choose the designs and colors that you want.

Can I customize my leather jacket?

Yes. There are many ways to customize a leather jacket. It’s all up to you if you want to do-it-yourself using embroidery, studs, or patches. However, these are also just aesthetic customization. If you want a tailor-made leather jacket, you can have it produced by leather makers who will assist you in measurements and design.

How to customize leather jacket

They say that what we wear says a lot about who we are as a person. You wouldn’t want to be seen in public with a loose or too-tight leather jacket with unflattering colors. This is why leather jacket customization comes in to give you a more personal experience with your statement piece.

Here are some ways you can customize your leather jacket:

By painting or dyeing it

You can paint your leather jacket at home using leather-friendly materials like acrylic paint if you’re feeling creative. You can choose any design that you want to put on your leather jacket and if painting seems a little tedious for you, try leather dyeing. We have an article about how to dye your leather jacket at home that can serve as your guide.

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Try decals

Decals are one of the common designs you can see on vintage leather jackets. The most famous decal design can be found on the 8-ball jacket that became popular in the early 20s. Compared to painting or dyeing, a decal is pretty more straightforward like putting a sticker on your leather jacket– that is if you have access to the tools and materials.

By putting studs and spikes

Studded leather jackets are more famous due to the glam rock and punk movement that became famous in the late 70s. There are many types and sizes of studs you can choose from. The studding process is also easy. You can check out our other article on how to add studs and spikes to a leather jacket if you want to learn more. You can easily find studs and spikes at your local craft supply.

Lady in a studded leather jacket and circle sunglasses
Girl in a studded leather jacket and circle sunglasses.

Attach fur to it

Fur-lined leather jackets are a great way to add more texture and dimension to your leather jacket. If you live in an area that experiences winters and cold weather, the fur lining in your leather jacket will keep you warm and stylish.

Put tassels or fringes

You’ve probably seen many leather jackets in Hollywood movies with tassels on them. If you want to go for a cowboy look, you can customize your leather jacket by putting tassels on them. Fringed leather jackets are also a great way to channel that 70s retro vibe. All you need for this customization are fabric glue and around 4 yards of leather fringe.

Embroider or patch it

This is a great way to customize and add a pop of color to your plain vintage leather jacket. For embroidering, we recommend going for bright colors to add contrast and break the solid black or brown color of your jacket. Patching is similar to embroidering but instead, you have the entire design ready to be sewn onto your leather jacket.

With the help of professional tailors

This is the best way to customize your leather jacket. Professional tailors and leather makers are the best when it comes to leather jacket customization and design. After all, the most important part of owning a custom leather jacket is that it fits you like a glove. Everything has to be perfect when it comes to measurements and you should leave this to the tailors. The aesthetics should only come second.

Where can I get a custom-made leather jacket?

There are a lot of stores and brands that let you customize your leather jacket. However, we recommend sourcing your customized leather jacket only from professionals who have been in the leather products industry with much experience and knowledge.

The Jacket Maker is a trusted custom leather jacket maker where you can choose to embroider, color, or attach a logo to your garment. They also have a design consultant that will guide you through the steps and the creative process up until your leather jacket is created. The great thing about them is that they offer free shipping worldwide, so it won’t be too heavy for your wallet.

The Independence Brothers are also professionals that do custom leather jackets. On their site, you can craft your own leather jacket from your choice of leather (cowhide or lambskin), the linings, the hardware, and the color you want it to be. They’re also one of the highest-rated leather crafters in the U.S. so you can trust that you will get a good quality custom leather jacket from them.

How much does a custom leather jacket cost?

If you already own a leather jacket and you just want to give it some pop at home, then you can expect to spend less than $100 for the craft materials. However, if you want a custom fit, there are 2 main types of custom clothing, made-to-measure and bespoke.


Made-to-measure is usually cheaper than bespoke, and you can receive it much faster. Made-to-measure isn’t cheaper because it uses inferior materials, it’s simply because the jacket was already pre-made and only needs a few adjustments.

Made-to-measure jackets will usually cost around $250-500 in the low to mid-range market. However, jackets with very premium materials or jackets that come from high-end leather tailors can cost up to $3000 and even higher.


Bespoke jackets, and bespoke clothes, are no joke. It is the dream of many people and some spend their whole lives working towards one. 

Bespoke means made for a specific customer. The tailors will take your measurements and make the jacket from raw materials. This usually means they will use the best materials and put an immense amount of attention and care to make a jacket that fits you perfectly.

Not all bespoke leather jackets are extremely expensive, however. You can have bespoke jackets for as low as $300 without skimping on the quality. Some tailors are extremely expensive, however, costing as high as $5000 on some custom jobs.


Before you decide to get a custom jacket, you should know what materials you want and the type of jacket you want to own. Consider the weather you’re most likely to wear your leather jacket in. Will you also be wearing it during day and night time? Do you plan to wear it every day? Begin by identifying what you need it for and then you can easily choose the leather jacket that suits you and your lifestyle best.


Will Sharpie write on leather?

Unfortunately, yes. While we don’t recommend using any type of markers on any leather surface, we can’t stop you if you really want to take this creative path. Sharpie is a brand of oil-based marker that is water-resistant. They also resist abrasion and are pretty permanent so once it’s on the leather surface, it’s pretty much permanent. Be sure to have your stencil ready to avoid permanent errors.


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